October 23, 2nd Annual TailLights car show for BRB

This year, our Buddies have added a Punkin Paws Doggy Costume Parade – complete with awards for various categories. Get your pup dressed up and head on down on October 23rd!

Here’s more info:


Or if you’d like to print out a copy, try this: punkin-paws-registration


Furever homes!

Well as of this writing, Rufus and Whiskey have gone to their furever homes and we’re so happy for them.  Now we just have the challenge of finding good homes for Catty and Knuckles – they are the two Great Dane mixes whose Dad has suffered a hemorrhagic stroke and can no longer care for these gentle giants.

Big Red’s Buddies provides emergency care for the pets of those who go suddenly into the hospital; sometimes – when we have people available – we provide Foster care, sometimes the care is in home; and sometimes (rarely because of funding) it will be boarding.

On a day-to-day basis, BRB provides assistance with routine care – such as walking, administering meds, delivering donated food/supplies, and transport to Vet and/or grooming. We even do “Poop Patrol” to clean up solid waste from the yard!

We help with getting the animals vaccinated, spayed or neutered, chipped and licensed.

It is only in extreme circumstances that we are called upon to rehome a pet – the pet parent is moved to a non-pet facility; is completely unable to keep their pet due to health; or has passed away. These are almost always pets who are elderly themselves or who have only known one “owner” and would be fearful if taken to the shelter (and fearful usually means unadoptable and ends in the death of the pet).

We do all this with volunteers and with the help of donations from our supporters – because Big Red’s Buddies is a program under Whole Earth Pets Foundation, Inc. and we are totally volunteer staffed and managed.

We are not a rescue.  We fill the niche that goes between – we help people to keep their pets, and therefore keep them from the shelters or being abandoned.



We have 4 dogs looking for forever homes

Knuckles and Catty (male dark and female b&w) are Great Dane mixes with big love to share. They are truly gentle giants.  Knuckles is intact, Catty has been spayed.

Rufus is a sweet young English Bulldog, male neutered. Up to date on shots and needing to be part of a forever home.  He is great with other dogs and with cats.

Whiskey is a smallish shepherd mix, neutered and up to date on shots, he is nearly full grown at about 45 pounds. Sweet and eager to please, he is a smart boy and wants to learn.

Adoption and home visits will be needed.  If interested or you’d like more information, contact Christina (our Head Buddy) at (562) 305-3287


Mark your calendars 2nd Annual TailLights is coming!



Get ready for a fun time!  

With 30+ dogs and their pet parents plus 2 feral cat colonies and many referrals for “one off” assistance – we have our hands full!  We need help, and why shouldn’t it be fun as well???

And that is why we have the TailLights Car Show, to raise money for the services we provide, and to have a grand time!  So share with your friends, family, and neighbors (especially those who absolutely LOVE their Imports, Euro, Classics, and Trucks – and love to SHOW THEM OFF).

Click here to pre-register.


Things move fast

If you ever wondered how Big Red’s Buddies gets referred to our clients, I’ll tell you – it happens a lot of different ways:

  • Agencies such as Kern County Adult and Aging Services may refer clients to us for Vet transport or assistance with pet care;
  • Other non-profits may refer people to us if they are asking for services that are not in their organizations’ charter (for example a rescue and the SPCA have referred clients to us;
  • Word-of-mouth and/or someone found our brochure/website/business card and called.

Always these calls are on the desperate side – they have called and asked for help in a lot of different areas and are incredibly relieved when we listen and answer with “Yes, we think we can…<fill in the blank>.

Sometimes we have to say “no” – either because it is definitely not in our charter, or because we simply do not have the funds – and we try not to over extend ourselves – because we know that can become insurmountable quickly.

We provide pet care services to elderly, to the disabled, chronically ill, fixed or no income pet parents AND to those who have had an accident or emergency health issue and are hospitalized or away for an unknown amount of time without anyone to care for their pets.

We do everything that we do with volunteers (no one gets a pay check) and pay for everything with donations (either monetary, or physical items, such as collars, leashes, and pet food).

Often the donated aluminum cans and plastic bottles that we receive to recycle for money makes the difference between whether we can get a dog fixed this month or have to wait until next month.

Here are our two newest BRB clients – their Dad is in the hospital for an extended unknown period.  We come in twice a day to feed, water, scoop poop, and give love so they aren’t as lonely and are happy and healthy while awaiting their Dad’s return.


Our clients and their pets come and go; at any given time we have around 35 dogs and two feral cat colonies plus a couple of individuals who rescue dogs and cats from their neighborhoods that we provides services to…it can be overwhelming sometimes. But it is also rewarding.

Thank you for helping us to help these pets and their people.  If you would like to volunteer to help – email us at: info@wepfoundation.org with Volunteer in the Subject line.

Big Red’s Buddies wishes you all a Happy Easter

This has been a very very busy month for Big Red’s Buddies (BRB) – we added a new Feral Colony to our rounds and also a new individual rescuer – who lives out in the remote part of town where there are a lot of “dumped dogs” – this wonderful woman rescues them, feeds them and then works to find homes for them.  Many of these dogs are senior dogs – rotting or no teeth, and usually not spayed or neutered.  BRB stepped up to send canned food for them and hope to be able to do this regularly.  And where we can afford it – help with spay/neuter.

We facilitated four of our client’s dogs getting vaccinated and going to Critters Without Litters to be fixed; as well as providing transportation back and forth.

And we continued to provide walks, comfort visits and food delivery to the other clients (most of whom are elderly, on fixed incomes, and/or recovering from surgery and other illnesses).

We were a little disappointed at the results in our last two fundraisers at restaurants – it was not a great turn out and yet our expenses continue to grow.

If you can help to support us through the next one at Panda Express on the East Side – it will go a long way to help people and their pets.


Or if you would like to help you can always donate directly by clicking on the Support Us button.

Thanks, and have a safe and happy Easter!



As more and more pets and their parents are referred to us (or find us) – we have a larger and larger burden to raise funds – this month we’ve added Lucy, Ginger, Senor, Taco Bell and Rikki – to the two dozen plus that we provide care and services to here in Bakersfield.

We provide pet food, transportation, help with pet medical costs of spay/neuter, vaccinations, ongoing medicines, supplies, and care services – like walks and poop patrol.

We do this completely with volunteers, and with donations. Every penny goes towards keeping the pets with their human family – it saves lives in many ways – the pet parents and their pets are saved from heart wrenching decisions that could result in shortening or ending their lives; the pets that are not given up because their parents cannot afford surgery, food, or care – leave space in shelters for other animals that are stray or abandoned.

It is not a dramatic kind of rescuing that we do…the quiet anguish of someone who is struggling on a fixed income and finds out that their beloved pet has a disease which requires expensive medication for the rest of the pet’s life – medication they cannot afford – cannot be caught in a selfie – and we wouldn’t try. We respect the dignity and privacy of those who come to us for help.

That is one of the reasons you will rarely see the owners in our pictures of the pets in our care, and if you do see them, we don’t mention them by name.  We try to preserve their privacy.  Once in a while, a client will be okay with us showing them and naming them – they are usually the ones with no family left but their pets – and their pets would never be embarrassed by anything they did.

When the pet or pets are the only family left to someone, it becomes even MORE important to help them stay together. A loving bond can make all the difference between a bleak and gray life and a life of light and love.

Please help if you can.  You can donate on this website by clicking on the red SUPPORT US button.

We also accept aluminum cans and plastic bottles for their recycle value; yard sale goods; household items; clothing (cleaned please) and gently used pet supplies such as collars, leashes, crates, dog beds, dog houses.

You can help support us by shopping through our portal (nothing to sign up) or find us on Smile.Amazon.com under Whole Earth Pets Foundation, Inc.

And you can come to our Yard Sale on March 5th:


Or go eat at Pizza Rev on March 17th:


Thank you for your support and for helping us to help others in our community!